Review Our Terms And Conditions

If you are an existing customer or are planning to employ our SEO services, then we highly encourage you to go through our terms and conditions. Our clauses should provide you with a clearer understanding of what kind of services you will avail.

  • Procedure of Transactions

When submitting your order, please note that you will have a wide array of options and flexible packages at your disposal to select from. You are encouraged to look through them and see what suits you best.

Once you have made your mind, you may submit your order. At the conclusion of our submission procedure, you will be asked to pay 50% of the total cost in advance.

Once your order has been completed, you will be asked to pay the rest of the cost. Please note that before doing so, you will be provided a final project report along with any concerning documentation to preview our work. You may review our search engine optimization effectiveness within this due time.

  • Project Deadlines

All projects are assured to complete within our standard time period. However, your project may experience delays due to unforeseen conditions. If such conditions arise, all clients who may suffer a delay will be contacted and notified. As a rule of thumb, our company states that an ideal completion time is within 4 to 5 weeks.

  • Commercial Exploitation

All products and services provided by our company will be used for the benefit of the client. No resources will be tampered with or used maliciously for our own benefit. These include, but are not limited to, commercial profiteering, unauthorized marketing and self-use.

Any resources provided by the client are the property of the concerned customer, and we prepare an intricate source document each time we receive an order. Clients may, at any time, request to be sent these materials should they feel the need to assert ownership.

  • Credential Security

Client security is a part of our company policy, and will hence be held with the highest regard. However, the client must understand that confidentiality and partnership are not correlated. Our company does not imply mutual partnership with our clients, but only states to guard their sensitive data.

  • Withdrawal of Service

All clients have up to 15 days to cancel our services. Upon submission and final transaction, all customers are eligible to termination of our services; however, they must first draft a written request to do so. They can do this via email, and must clearly state the reason of their cancellation request. In all circumstances, we hold the right to deny such requests, especially if they exceed their 15 day grace time or are responsible for their own wrongdoing.

  • Reimbursement

All clients are eligible for refunds, but it must be reviewed by our company first. The client may be disqualified from refunds, should we discover that the reasons for client’s dissatisfaction were due to their own mistake and lack of understanding of our terms.

  • Adherence of Law

Our company abides by the regulations of a business practice operating in the United States. Any violation of the law leaves us vulnerable to prosecution.

  • Future Adjustments

We hold the right to adjust our clauses in the future. No clauses stated in this section are static and may be altered, iterated or simplified for our own use. We implore all customers to consistently conform to our conditions and rules and stay up to date.

For further inquiry, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Please make sure you understand our rules before engaging with our services. Should your experience be adverse, we are not responsible for it if it is due to your own misunderstanding.