Safe & Clear Privacy Policy

Customer security is our number one priority. prides itself as a company that holds their customer base with the highest of confidentiality. You can find more details listed within our privacy policy.

Gathering of Private Information:

During your visit to our website, no personal data will be required or extracted from our visitors. You may surf our website with the utmost confidence that your sensitive information is in safe hands.

However, all the customers who wish to make a transaction with us will be required to provide the following information:

  • Their complete name
  • Current email
  • Phone number
  • Order specification
  • Duration and completion date
  • Selected package

The above mentioned information will only be required during the payment stage of order submission. This information will be stored with extreme vigilance and we will take all the necessary steps to guard them.

The information required will be for the sole purpose of providing our clients with a smoother service. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Hassle free payment
  • Order tracking and notifications of order irregularities

All these and more are within their legal limits. Client credentials will not be shared, unless of course, they are demanded by law authorities. Under such conditions, we do not guarantee confidentiality. Clients must assess their own risk before venturing with us.

Client Trackers

Cookies are client based trackers that hold user information such as web preferences, language settings, etc. Our website will download client cookies upon visit. However, please note that the purpose of this is to only enhance the user experience.

We will not use cookies and trackers to mine for sensitive information of our visitors. Please feel free to disable cookies from your browser, should you remain concerned.

External Sources

All clients must understand that our privacy terms are for our website and our website alone. These clauses do not apply once you exit our site.

Any links to outside web pages or references to external content should be approached with caution. Once you have exited, our policies will no longer apply, and our clients will have to adhere to the new policies stated by the websites they visit. We encourage all our customers and visitors to read the rules of the website they visit from our provided links. Please note that all external links are for the purpose of providing our customers with more information, and not for any malicious objectives.

Make sure you understand our terms regarding your privacy. We also encourage checking back as we may make changes in the future to our statements.